Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big Decision

OK School starts back next week and Hubby will be gone the whole week.
So Maybe just Maybe I can get on track with the house, the organizing, and weight loss.
Hmmm going to need some luck, prayers, and finger crossing to keep it up when he gets back LOL...
We will see what happens.

Last night we made a huge decision that I am not sure how I feel about it now that day light is here and I have had time to reflect.

We have been tossing it around and each making suggestions that this might be a good idea...But last night it was officially decided that....

I would stop looking for a job and become a full-time SAHM.

Currently I am on unemployment looking for a job as a Nurse in an educator or other similar position. My unemployment runs out this week. I have a disability from an accident that will no longer allow me to do bedside nursing. So I am limited on the jobs that I can take. Plus living in a rural area there are not many jobs out there in these postions. Either someone has to die or you have to kill someone to get these positions....and since I am not the violent type and I do not want anyone losing a loved one those two options are out...

So tightening the belt and learning to save more is in order.

Additionally figuring out where we can cut corners to make this work.
This will also push me to get my #$% in gear and do something with my business.
I am scared I have never not had a steady income.
I'm forty and making a career change.
I am not a business person. The reason my business has not and is not going anywhere.
Are there classes to take to become a business savvy person?
How to get the frame of mind that it is a job and not gaff it off?
Man I have a lot of soul searching to do..
Anyone have a magick wand? (yes I know it is spelled differently I like it that way ;o))
LOL to turn me into a....

no not a toad even though
I do look good in green

But into a business minded person..
Hmm ok next week the little one goes to school I need to work on my confidence that I can do this!
Wish me luck!

PS do not get me wrong I love the idea that I will be home with my daughter to do things with her and give her stability. This is the reason that we made the decision. We feel someone needs to be here with her and it is important to us. But I am scared and there are many other feelings and concerns...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blended Families

I have a blended family that I love dearly. With this blended family comes many ups and downs. You never know what will come around the corner. I would never change any of this..I am truly blessed.
I found another blended family who I can relate to some of their ups and downs at Shwanda. Check out this blog if you have a blended family or if you know someone who has or is thinking of blending a family share Carol's blog with them. You can also check out my post on Sweet Little Memories about Carol's blog here.
This has made me decide I need to put the computer to work and share our story.
So more later,

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A week missing

I have a week missing where did it go?
Has anyone seen it?

My note to my missing week:
Dear missing week,
Where did you go? What happened did you get scared with all that I was attempting to get done? I apologize for not paying more attention to the time. If you will only come back. I promise to be more thoughtful and attentive to you and what you have to offer.
I will enjoy Sunday with my family and the time to praise the Lord and say my prayers for those in need. (Even though I do that everyday). I will use Monday as a planning day so that I will make the most of the days you offer. Tuesday I will check to make sure I stay on track and make sure the rest of the week is planned out. Wednesday I will reflect on the past days and rejoice that the weekend is almost here. Thursday will be a day to treasure. Friday will be the celebration that the work week is over and we had the time we needed to accomplish our goals. Saturday will be to reflect over the past week and enjoy some family time before starting all over the next week.
I really missed you and I'm not sure where you went...But PLEASE come back.
With all my love,

That would be my letter to my missing week.
Have you ever had those weeks that fly by and you wonder where it went. Well that was this week. I did get the things accomplish that I needed to but then it hit that what I thought I had two more weeks that I only had one more week..So where did it go?
Next Saturday my Husband and I head to Raleigh NC to see Alan Jackson in concert. Stay the night there because the next day he flies out to Nashville for a week. While he is gone school starts for my 8 yr old, so I will be getting us started in our school routine while he is gone. He then returns on the following Sunday and we go see Kenny Chesney in concert in Raleigh after his flight lands..So we are slam full the next couple of weekends..Plus this weekend I leave, tonight if I feel better, if not in the morning for Emerald Isle for a couple of and the 8 yr old...back on Wednesday just in time to get the Hubby packed for his trip..So I'm exhausted already thinking about it all.
Plus this week was registering the older two for college, paying tuition, and buying books. Man are we broke now...LOL..
Hope they remember all this when I am old...
So if anyone finds a missing week please send it to me cause I'm not sure where mine went. And I sure could use one.