Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big Decision

OK School starts back next week and Hubby will be gone the whole week.
So Maybe just Maybe I can get on track with the house, the organizing, and weight loss.
Hmmm going to need some luck, prayers, and finger crossing to keep it up when he gets back LOL...
We will see what happens.

Last night we made a huge decision that I am not sure how I feel about it now that day light is here and I have had time to reflect.

We have been tossing it around and each making suggestions that this might be a good idea...But last night it was officially decided that....

I would stop looking for a job and become a full-time SAHM.

Currently I am on unemployment looking for a job as a Nurse in an educator or other similar position. My unemployment runs out this week. I have a disability from an accident that will no longer allow me to do bedside nursing. So I am limited on the jobs that I can take. Plus living in a rural area there are not many jobs out there in these postions. Either someone has to die or you have to kill someone to get these positions....and since I am not the violent type and I do not want anyone losing a loved one those two options are out...

So tightening the belt and learning to save more is in order.

Additionally figuring out where we can cut corners to make this work.
This will also push me to get my #$% in gear and do something with my business.
I am scared I have never not had a steady income.
I'm forty and making a career change.
I am not a business person. The reason my business has not and is not going anywhere.
Are there classes to take to become a business savvy person?
How to get the frame of mind that it is a job and not gaff it off?
Man I have a lot of soul searching to do..
Anyone have a magick wand? (yes I know it is spelled differently I like it that way ;o))
LOL to turn me into a....

no not a toad even though
I do look good in green

But into a business minded person..
Hmm ok next week the little one goes to school I need to work on my confidence that I can do this!
Wish me luck!

PS do not get me wrong I love the idea that I will be home with my daughter to do things with her and give her stability. This is the reason that we made the decision. We feel someone needs to be here with her and it is important to us. But I am scared and there are many other feelings and concerns...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blended Families

I have a blended family that I love dearly. With this blended family comes many ups and downs. You never know what will come around the corner. I would never change any of this..I am truly blessed.
I found another blended family who I can relate to some of their ups and downs at Shwanda. Check out this blog if you have a blended family or if you know someone who has or is thinking of blending a family share Carol's blog with them. You can also check out my post on Sweet Little Memories about Carol's blog here.
This has made me decide I need to put the computer to work and share our story.
So more later,

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A week missing

I have a week missing where did it go?
Has anyone seen it?

My note to my missing week:
Dear missing week,
Where did you go? What happened did you get scared with all that I was attempting to get done? I apologize for not paying more attention to the time. If you will only come back. I promise to be more thoughtful and attentive to you and what you have to offer.
I will enjoy Sunday with my family and the time to praise the Lord and say my prayers for those in need. (Even though I do that everyday). I will use Monday as a planning day so that I will make the most of the days you offer. Tuesday I will check to make sure I stay on track and make sure the rest of the week is planned out. Wednesday I will reflect on the past days and rejoice that the weekend is almost here. Thursday will be a day to treasure. Friday will be the celebration that the work week is over and we had the time we needed to accomplish our goals. Saturday will be to reflect over the past week and enjoy some family time before starting all over the next week.
I really missed you and I'm not sure where you went...But PLEASE come back.
With all my love,

That would be my letter to my missing week.
Have you ever had those weeks that fly by and you wonder where it went. Well that was this week. I did get the things accomplish that I needed to but then it hit that what I thought I had two more weeks that I only had one more week..So where did it go?
Next Saturday my Husband and I head to Raleigh NC to see Alan Jackson in concert. Stay the night there because the next day he flies out to Nashville for a week. While he is gone school starts for my 8 yr old, so I will be getting us started in our school routine while he is gone. He then returns on the following Sunday and we go see Kenny Chesney in concert in Raleigh after his flight lands..So we are slam full the next couple of weekends..Plus this weekend I leave, tonight if I feel better, if not in the morning for Emerald Isle for a couple of and the 8 yr old...back on Wednesday just in time to get the Hubby packed for his trip..So I'm exhausted already thinking about it all.
Plus this week was registering the older two for college, paying tuition, and buying books. Man are we broke now...LOL..
Hope they remember all this when I am old...
So if anyone finds a missing week please send it to me cause I'm not sure where mine went. And I sure could use one.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My first time with Capture You

Beth over at I Should Be Folding Laundry has weekly photo challenges.
This weeks was pics of you.

Here are mine..I took these pics this morning..this is who I am..
Scars and all..
Probably need to work on my photography skills..LOL but this was not too bad..

This is me

These are the scars...

In the morning light.

I have many more scars...some are visible some are not.
My scars have made me who I am today.
I am the Wo"Man in the Mirror"

I hope you have a Wonderful day and Thanks for Looking at my pictures of me.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I won a Award

My First Award!

Ok you see me doing a happy dance!!!
You can see it.. right... me in my jammies dancing around the computer cause someone thought I deserved the Humane Award

Natalee over at Raising Normal Kids bestowed this fabulous award on me and my blog. So please stop by her blog and show her some love..She is awesome!!!

"The Humane Award honors certain bloggers that I feel are kindhearted individuals. They regularly take part in my blog and always leave the sweetest comments. I love love love them!!!!!!

Their blogs are also amazing and are tastefully done on a daily basis. I thank them and look forward to our growing friendships through the blog world.

Link back to the person who gifted you with the award and share the love with other bloggers.”

Now that I received the award, I am going to pass it along to 4 other bloggers who are deserving of the Humane Award - they stop by my blog often and leave such nice comments - thanks!! Please go check out their blogs as well.
I'm still new to blogging so I have had only a few comments..

So I bestow this award to the few who have made sweet comments and that I truly enjoy their blogs....So check them out.

A Pocket Full of Buttons
Suburban Hooker
Grammy Girlfriend
Not so Perfect

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Check it out

Sugar Sprinkles

Check out the fabulous designs at Kandio-Designs.
Here is my post about her designs at Sweet Little Memories my craft and art blog.
So if you get a chance check them both out you will not be disappointed.


Today I am organizing my e-mails and cleaning up clutter..this afternoon I will be working on my craft I can do work..Then I will organize my crafts I would like to do and plan to do one a day or one a week depending on how big the craft is...Also I need to get started on Christmas gifts and get those ideas in concrete and get working on those..Then I will put a schedule together so that I'm not spending so much time online and not getting things accomplished..
Like a writing and blogging schedule so that is smoother and I have more to say
School schedule that starts soon both college for my older two and third grade for the youngest...Where did the summer go?...
So that is my goal so far for the next two days besides eating Lunch with my father-in-law or just spending time with him his choice...and then lunch tomorrow with my step-son and his mother so we can get some college stuff straight..
Maybe Aimee will get a chance to see her daddy Terri while we are in Raleigh..that is always traumatic for me..triggers my PTSD and survivors guilt ( a story in it's self)

I hope you have a great day,

Monday, August 3, 2009

Still working

Ok I am still working on the discovery phase and I have failed at the one thing a day for 30 days so I need to get a better plan going here..Anyway stay tuned..I have ton of ideas and I'm getting over whelmed in trying to get them on paper or this case on the blog...never thought I would have these issues but oh well..

Friday, July 31, 2009


Ok what I discovered about me yesterday!
I am afraid to fail and let people down.
So if I do nothing then I can't disappoint them..I remain my self and no one is the wiser...But I'm not happy...I'm not sure of all the things I want out of life so now I need to figure that out and take a direction...A step a day to get my businesses off the ground..not get over whelmed with information, technology and the ins and outs do that later once things are moving..take small steps to achieve the goal of financial freedom..not millionaire even though that would be nice..I just want to pay my bills and have enough money to do family trips with out worrying..not asking for much..
So what is my first step...
write some goals..Short, long, intermediate, and flexible term goals
and get organized...
Each day I am going to achieve one step towards my goals
I am going to take one action a day..even if it is turning off the computer and spending time with my family...That is one step closer to my goals...
So now to write my goals and work on achieving them..
I will post a few of my goals here as I form them..
I am not the only one taking this the ideas formed in my head and I got sidetracked again...surfing the net
I found Room 704 and Mrs. Flinger is doing one thing a day for thirty days starting August 1st..
That is SO COOL to think I was having similar thoughts as she was!!!
I know lame ..I'm new to blogging and I have started idolizing some of these mom bloggers..
But you do need to really check out her blog..
Ok I could not get to her blog to give a link and love something weird is happening says wrong Data base..but anyway check her out at Room 704

So now for my goals
Today it is to create a couple of things to sell and then maybe the pool this afternoon

Ok I did not say it would be earth shattering or mind boggling goals.
One step a day!
hope your is a great one hugs,

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Soul Searching

Ok I have hit a road block, wall or something huge, like the big fat elephant sitting in my room waiting to squash me if I do not do something...

An African Elephant resting his head on a tree...

You see him.......right!!!
There behind the ficus tree

just waiting for me!!!

Now my Hubby has not said anything he is going with the flow and dealing with his own issues...So I can't even help him or be a good mommy especially if I do not get my life straight...
So I saw somewhere in all my blog hopping and sorry I did not tag this to give the right credit to someone..I am a bit over whelmed by the internet and addicted.... so I go many places..that takes me a long time to come back from..Believe me it's like going to outer do not know what is out there and you do not know who or what your going to encounter...

The supermassive black hole at the center of o...

See All the pretty lights!
So easy to get lost and distracted!

OK off track..anyway I found the Boundless Living Challenge.
I am not totally sure about all the details..still searching, looking, and easily distracted can you tell...LOL..
It is a 45 day challenge to change something or achieve something that you have hit roads blocks or elephants with in your life (IE weight, business, success,etc.)
Something to help you jump start making goals and getting over your elephants (I mean hurdles)
Anyway I found his Intro to EFT..EFT means (for those that do not know cause I didn't) Emotional Freedom Techniques.
I know there is a lot of skepticism about this cause it uses tapping like acupuncture to help you relieve your emotional clutter.
Anyway this site also talks about clutter and if it is taking over...Well anyone who has seen my house knows that is an understatement (Clutter rules)....
So my soul searching came to a head...
With these questions

Why do I have clutter in my home, head, and some relationships?
What is the emotional reasons that I cling to the things I do?
What hurdles am I avoiding and why?
Why is it so hard for me to get all my ideas and inspirations out in the open?
Why can I not get my business off the ground and running?
What is my real issue?

Well as soon as I get that elephant to move (and can breathe again) and get the EFTs under control..I will post about what I discovered today about me....
That's if your interested.
Have a good day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mcklinky Blog hop~ Favorite Kid Photos

So I am going to tackle the favorite Kid Photo this week.
Here is one of the many favorites.

This is Aimee... at the time that she got caught bathing herself
in Aim toothpaste she was 2.

Then in her grown little self she had to explain what she was doing

And of course why it was in her hair
see how serious she is in explaining this

Then flashing the cute smile
She was so proud

I hope you enjoyed these pictures.
I have many others.
But this is a good start.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Friday, July 24, 2009

Better today

OK feeling better today! Sorry for the venting yesterday but it must of helped cause I'm not as down as I was yesterday! Today I am crafting and playing, then off to see if the boys (husband, father, stepson and his friend) got any work done on my parents rental house...Maybe they will surprise me who knows..
Anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Self Battle

I started my blogs to share and write about the things I know and I do...So what do I know and what do I do? (thats a good question)...I look like I have it all together at times (for me anyway) and I do good at faking it for others..I am good at hiding it all..sometimes it is difficult for even my husband to see but the image always shows a glitz..I know he is worried ...I hate that I cause him concern...cause he truly loves me and only wants the best for me and for me to be happy (he’s a fixer..knight in shining armor type).... this has been phasing in an out for over a year (well also about 9 yrs)..But it reared it’s ugly head since breaking my arm and realizing it was much more than just a break....That is another story to share at another time...

I have a wonderful life! Do not get me wrong this is my fairytale life so why am I depressed and feeling worthless...

Well besides suffering from depression brought on by PTSD and having to battle that constantly and dealing with survivors guilt (which is another story too)...just something else to deal with and try to conquer...I also am not working for the first time since I was 16..I have always had a job...I became a nurse in 1993..That was my saving grace during my failing marriage and my years of trying to find myself and grow up to raise my oldest daughter...(I do not know how she became as wonderful as she is it is truly a miracle)....Now I can’t work, can’t find a job, and am forced to stay at add decreased income....Now do not get me wrong I always thought that was what I wanted to be a SAHM or a WAHM and it may still be but I think I wanted it on my terms...and I do miss the interaction with others...But I think that is who I became and now I am not sure who I am or what I like...So lets add to this that

I turned 40 this year...

So is this a mid-life crisis?
I don’t know but I am taking steps today and try to kick my self out of this....
Yesterday I yelled at my youngest for no reason..the signs of the past are coming I see them so that is an advantage right?

You would think that as a nurse I would know what to do...But that is part of why I can’t get a job...I am a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse and have always been at the bedside...never wanted to leave or climb the management ladder...there are some of us this is what we want to do...But I did get my BSN and even with 16 yrs of experience and a BSN, I either have not enough education or not enough experience...add in my inability to do CPR which is important for bedside nursing due to my injury to my left arm (the first other story)..Jobs are not not get me wrong there are jobs out there but none for me..I have no adult experience, I specialized, so I put my career in a corner doing that. In addition, the area I live in there is only one PICU and children’s hospital. They currently are not hiring and do not have positions open above bedside nursing and there are a few other things....(not going there)

I think a job gave me how do I find that type of structure working from home? What do I do from home to bring in a little extra cash..not looking to get rich just have a few extra bucks.
I do like structure even though if you saw my house and life it would not look like it...
Furthermore, it gave me socialization that I do so love..and because my friends all work in the hospital it is hard to get to see them and not having anything in common when they talk shop I have nothing to add.

So where do I fit in? What can I do? I am no longer the bread winner. How do you get through the adjustment? No, I did not have a CEO or bigwig job but for where I grew up I had a great paying job (job security... it was not factory work) and compared to the Marine Corps pay, I had a great job!

OK I am through with venting today on here and talking to myself (weird quirk I have) ;o)!
I am going to take a shower, shave my legs and see if I feel like a Human after wards.
( I know TMI)
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

PS thanks for letting me vent and reading my vent!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Supporting other Moms

Today is about a giveaway over at Buy By Mom. The giveaway is

"For the Americana Bash, Sew Fierce is offering up one Custom Made to Order Infant Gift Set which includes:
  • (1) Monogrammed Embroidered Huggies Natural Care Wipes Travel Cases with Wipes Included
  • (1) Embroidered Bib with snap closure
  • (2) Matching Burp Cloths

Winner will get to select their choice of fabric, and Stephanie with Sew Fierce will go over all the details with the winner to ensure they get the perfect gift set."

Yes this is a direct quote from Buy By Mom.. I was not sure how to mention the contest in a way that would do it justice. But all the links are in the appropriate places to make sure you make your way over to check out the giveaway.

I found this by accident because Stephanie of Sew Fierce happened to spot the USMC uniform on my wonderful husband in my pic (Amazing how the military wives pick up on those...) and posted a comment so I went to her blog to show the love and in my snooping around found this.

So I wanted to do my job and spread the word!!!
I will be duplicating this and posting it on my other blog too!
Best of luck!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The weekend

So the Weekend went way too fast. But fun was had by all!

My best friend Joyce came in late Friday night from Denver. She had in tow Larae, who is currently living in Nashville. Larae was a new addition to the group. She jumped right in and fit very nicely with everyone. I really do hope she takes us all up on our offers and comes to visit.

So now for the weekend on Sat we all went to the beach. The goal was to see the ocean and play at the beach. With a late start and no clear destination in mind. We were just going with the flow it was Joyce and Larae's vacation. (So to speak... they did do some work...)
We ended up heading to Fort Macon in Atlantic Beach. This was a good place to meet up with everyone.
Well with it being summer, It was very crowded so we ended up all the way down at the Fort and on the sound side. This actually turned out very good for the kids to be able to wade and play in the surf (even though we are not suppose to because of all the boat traffic and currents on that side). So we stayed in shallow water and let the kids splash.
Here are a couple of pics...

Getting ready to hit the water

Here is my own little mermaid Aimee playing in the water

Brendon is not sure of the water

I left soon after this to attend the Toby Keith Concert in Raleigh. So I was covering some territory that day! (this was an awesome concert!!! Trace Adkins was there too..Met up with Lou Ann and some of her freinds at the concert... we had a blast)

On Sunday we had a cook out, played in the water and then went shrimping with Captain Jack. It was a very busy day.

Water play was a big hit for the kids!

Then it was off to conquer the sea with Captain Jack...

Here is a pic of our loot...

We estimated about 25lbs of shrimp.

The proud shrimpers!

Then it was the task to prep them and get them in the freezer....I was so glad to have this crew help with that!

Monday was their last day. So we tried for a game of golf (not me I was just driving a cart..the arm is no where ready for that). We were rained out before we even finished the second it was off to lunch and then relaxing at my house before we met up with friends for dinner. Joyce and Larae left after dinner for Raleigh to catch their planes the next morning.
This was sad I was so not ready for them to leave!! It just was not long enough.
But now I am looking forward to the next visit and maybe I can get to Denver soon!
I hope you enjoyed the short recant of my weekend!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Interesting and then suggestions needed.

It was very interesting testing out my new Aloha Friday meme.
THANK YOU!!!! everyone who posted on my blog. That was fun. I will have to try to remember to do that this Friday!
OK so now a question how do you all blog, tweet, post, and other things online quickly efficiently and still get things done around the house?
How do you get that organized to stay ontop of the things you need to get done?
I guess I am needing help.
I do the to do list but get tied up on one thing and then nothing else gets done so how do I get things running smoothly and accomplish more than one thing in a day?
So what are some of your organizing tips?
How do you multi-tasks your days with kids at home?
I am new to this stay at home mommy thing so any short cuts or good advice to help achieve domestic godessness (is that a word) would be appreciated.

Maybe once I get all the suggestions I can post them and see if it helps others.
So offer up organizational tips, suggestions, what you do, web pages, on how to do it all because I know there are some amazing women/men out there juggling it all and making it work...
So they say if you want to do something right you have to learn from the best and surround yourself with those you admire...So let me admire the ideas and tips.
Thank you to everyone who post ideas and tips!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Ok I am doing my first meme so we will see how it goes do not forget to visit Aloha Friday.
Here is my Question for Friday with it being the July 4th Weekend.
Which is your favorite the cookouts or the fireworks?
PS if I am not doing this right please ley me know thanks.

Ok an update I was trying to do the Mr linking to my site but their site is not letting me log in so I am waiting for a response once it is fixed I will be adding Mr. Linky until then please feel free to leave comments!

I did not post anything yesterday because I was determine to get the junk room cleaned out and ready for a bed. This is all in prep for the arrival of my best friend Joyce next Friday! I am very excited about seeing her it has been way too long.
I will have to share her over the weekend with other friends but that is fine I GET TO SEE HER!!!

A quick up date on Daisy Bread she is still fermenting and growing. I am moving her to the fridge tomorrow after I try a first batch of bread I will post pictures to show how that goes..

This is a brief post today I have been doing the blog surfing and web searching thing and it is getting me behind on my cleaning!
So off to clean.

Hope everyone's Friday is truly Blessed!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sourdough Bread Starter Experiment

My new obsession is bread baking. It started from trying to save money and eating healthier. (I'll post on those two subjects at another date)
My wonderful hubby is so supportive of all my new little adventures (Thank Goodness).

So in this quest to bake fresh bread I stumbled acro
ss A Year in Bread. Susan has a wonderful Farmhouse white sandwich bread recipe...(check out the site there are many wonderful recipes over there.) I am still making guinea pigs out of my family trying to perfect it and make it look like hers. Good thing they are ok with the Squat looking loaves...I need to invest in different pans...I fixed the stone issue.... of course it was to the dismay of my hubby. I took some tiles from the garden cleaned them up and placed them on the bottom rack and that helped the bread rise nicely....He needs to stop watching Alton Brown..that is where the idea came from plus we had them laying around doing nothing but getting walked on so I put them to work! Hey nothing is safe around here these days!

So one day my hubby (who does not realize that he really encourages some of my behavior from his comments and suggestions) said "Hey when you get this down maybe look at doing a Sourdough bread."

Well I never get one thing finished or right when I start another. You should see my craft room. Lots of started projects! Some finished and some in the beginning stages!

Anyway this started the search. So I read a few sites and a few places about sourdough starters.
I do not remember all the sites I went to I felt like the people on the commercials with Web information over load!! So I took some of the information and formed my own recipe for a sourdough starter. Now no one shoot me I am not a trained chef or anything like that..But I do like to experiment so we will see where this goes. When I bake the bread I will post how things turned out with my starter.

So on Sunday I started with:
1/2 cup organic all purpose flour, 1/2 cup organic rye flour, and 1 cup of bottled water.

I stirred this up and have been trying to feed it every 12 hours.
Monday I removed half the starter and replaced it with 1 cup water and 1/2 cup organic all purpose flour and 1/2 cup rye flour.
Tuesday I did not feed.
Forgot! Whoops! I guess I do need to name it and turn it into a pet that way it does not get neglected and die from no love!

Here are some pics of what I had this morning so fa
r before stirring and feeding.

Looks like I have what they call Hooch. It has a very sour smell going on.

Here is an aerial view of the bubbles.

So today when I feed I will remove 1/2 of the starter and replace it with
1 cup water (I am using bottled because we have chlorine in our water)
1 cup organic all-purpose flour.

I have not fed yet because my 8 year old daughter has named my new pet and wants to help.
So my starter's name is Daisy Bread.
I like this name. And it is typical of an 8 year old to come up with! LOL

Well off to feed Daisy Bread and see how she progresses through our experiment!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

PS Additional Information
After reading through my post I thought I would add the reasons for the organic flour and rye flour for those that do not know(like me). These two are more natural and not over processed so there are natural yeast and bugs to grow from. After the first sign of bubbles (from what I read and understand) I can then switch to regular all purpose flour because the yeast does not really need the protein to live but the starches in the flour. If I am wrong let me know and I will correct this.
I also use the bottled water because of chlorine in my water. Many suggest distilled water and then test it with your own tap water. I have not done that yet.
Additionally I stir each time with a rubber spatula to not get any contamination. The yeast will break down metals and that can ruin your starter.
Your starter needs to be in a glass container, stainless steel container (they do not react with the yeast) or a plastic/Rubbermaid container.
I will go back through my history and post the websites that I looked at when researching this topic. I will additionally add as I move Daisy Bread (need to start calling her by name) to the fridge and my experiences.
So Stay Tuned for more.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 days and Counting

Bogue Inlet Pier-Emerald Isle, NCImage by Mikey aka DaSkinnyBlackMan in Iraq via Flickr

We are exactly 10 days away from my Best Friends arrival from Denver. I am so excited it has been over a year since I have seen her and I am so ready for the girl time! We both have had our battles over the last year so it will be good to relax and have a glass of wine together.
We have plans to hit the beach that weekend probably end up at Emerald Isle. I Love going near the Bogue Inlet Pier. Then on Sunday have a cook out with other friends.

So I hope the weekend is nice and not too hot and humid. Even though I doubt it with it being July in NC.

This post was more of a post to try out Zemanta and see how it helps with blogging. So far I am liking it.
So far for these few words and addition of pics it was easy and fun!
I think it makes blogging a bit easier!
Can't wait to play more!
Anyway off to play with the little one!

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My goal was to try my hand at blogging. Just to see where it would take me. This is a goal to share my thoughts, ideas, dreams and goals. Maybe, Inspire others. So today I sat down to write in my blog....

Writers block!! Already and I haven’t even started!
Man am I going to be in trouble! Hopefully it will get easier as time goes.

So as with any new adventure I went to the Headlines to find something there to write about.
Well, there I became depressed.
Yahoo news reports “Yemen plane crashes off Comoros with 153 on board”, “4 US soldiers killed during Iraq cities pullout,” “Freight train derails in Italy, kills 12, burns 50,” These were the top three headlines. Then it is peppered with the issues that have arisen from the death of Michael Jackson. So I remembered why I do not look at the news, read the news, or listen to the news. It just triggers my PTSD and depression. So I think I will stay in my little corner of Eastern NC and live in my fairy-tale world and be blissfully ignorant of the issues going on around me.
Sounds good!
I wish it could be so easy.

Many of the issues today influence many of the decisions we make in our lives. Granted plane crashes and train crashes may not stop us from traveling, and our soldiers dying won’t stop our sons/daughters from enlisting. However, maybe these headlines will make us stop and remember how blessed we are and say a prayer for those affected by these tragedies. We have to find our own silver linings and do the best we can with the gifts we are given.

So I am thankful for my life, my family and the gifts I have been given.
So back to my fairy-tale world I go.
I hope everyone has a Blessed Day and remembers all the blessings they have.


Monday, June 29, 2009

The Beginning

Today I am starting a Blog on my family happenings this summer and one for all my crafts. I will post that blog link when I get it up and running. This was something I wanted to do last year but never did. So this summer I made a plan to get more organized and to share my adventures with my family and in crafting. Plus I am stepping out side of the box. Doing something I have never done before. So we will see what happens.
They say in Field of Dreams "Build it and they will come" I wonder if I write it will it be read? So I am writing and will wait to see if they come to read.
I am a dreamer, so some of my dreams, goals and ambitions will transpire
here on these blogs.

I hope you enjoy and have fun in my adventures.