Friday, July 3, 2009


Ok I am doing my first meme so we will see how it goes do not forget to visit Aloha Friday.
Here is my Question for Friday with it being the July 4th Weekend.
Which is your favorite the cookouts or the fireworks?
PS if I am not doing this right please ley me know thanks.

Ok an update I was trying to do the Mr linking to my site but their site is not letting me log in so I am waiting for a response once it is fixed I will be adding Mr. Linky until then please feel free to leave comments!

I did not post anything yesterday because I was determine to get the junk room cleaned out and ready for a bed. This is all in prep for the arrival of my best friend Joyce next Friday! I am very excited about seeing her it has been way too long.
I will have to share her over the weekend with other friends but that is fine I GET TO SEE HER!!!

A quick up date on Daisy Bread she is still fermenting and growing. I am moving her to the fridge tomorrow after I try a first batch of bread I will post pictures to show how that goes..

This is a brief post today I have been doing the blog surfing and web searching thing and it is getting me behind on my cleaning!
So off to clean.

Hope everyone's Friday is truly Blessed!!


  1. We do cookouts a lot so I love the fireworks which we seldom get to see.

  2. fireworks, of course. welcome to Aloha Friday. I really love it.:-)Auntie E

  3. I love our cookout. We get to visit with everyone.

  4. The cook out -- I love to eat.

  5. I love the fireworks but not the crowds that go with them.

  6. We have not done fireworks since the kids were born. The crowds are not worth the effort. With that said I miss not having a grill. Most years we are lucky and have some at a friends/family, but not this year.

  7. Welcome to Aloha Friday.. I think you did it just fine. I love the fireworks!