Thursday, July 30, 2009

Soul Searching

Ok I have hit a road block, wall or something huge, like the big fat elephant sitting in my room waiting to squash me if I do not do something...

An African Elephant resting his head on a tree...

You see him.......right!!!
There behind the ficus tree

just waiting for me!!!

Now my Hubby has not said anything he is going with the flow and dealing with his own issues...So I can't even help him or be a good mommy especially if I do not get my life straight...
So I saw somewhere in all my blog hopping and sorry I did not tag this to give the right credit to someone..I am a bit over whelmed by the internet and addicted.... so I go many places..that takes me a long time to come back from..Believe me it's like going to outer do not know what is out there and you do not know who or what your going to encounter...

The supermassive black hole at the center of o...

See All the pretty lights!
So easy to get lost and distracted!

OK off track..anyway I found the Boundless Living Challenge.
I am not totally sure about all the details..still searching, looking, and easily distracted can you tell...LOL..
It is a 45 day challenge to change something or achieve something that you have hit roads blocks or elephants with in your life (IE weight, business, success,etc.)
Something to help you jump start making goals and getting over your elephants (I mean hurdles)
Anyway I found his Intro to EFT..EFT means (for those that do not know cause I didn't) Emotional Freedom Techniques.
I know there is a lot of skepticism about this cause it uses tapping like acupuncture to help you relieve your emotional clutter.
Anyway this site also talks about clutter and if it is taking over...Well anyone who has seen my house knows that is an understatement (Clutter rules)....
So my soul searching came to a head...
With these questions

Why do I have clutter in my home, head, and some relationships?
What is the emotional reasons that I cling to the things I do?
What hurdles am I avoiding and why?
Why is it so hard for me to get all my ideas and inspirations out in the open?
Why can I not get my business off the ground and running?
What is my real issue?

Well as soon as I get that elephant to move (and can breathe again) and get the EFTs under control..I will post about what I discovered today about me....
That's if your interested.
Have a good day!

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