Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The weekend

So the Weekend went way too fast. But fun was had by all!

My best friend Joyce came in late Friday night from Denver. She had in tow Larae, who is currently living in Nashville. Larae was a new addition to the group. She jumped right in and fit very nicely with everyone. I really do hope she takes us all up on our offers and comes to visit.

So now for the weekend on Sat we all went to the beach. The goal was to see the ocean and play at the beach. With a late start and no clear destination in mind. We were just going with the flow it was Joyce and Larae's vacation. (So to speak... they did do some work...)
We ended up heading to Fort Macon in Atlantic Beach. This was a good place to meet up with everyone.
Well with it being summer, It was very crowded so we ended up all the way down at the Fort and on the sound side. This actually turned out very good for the kids to be able to wade and play in the surf (even though we are not suppose to because of all the boat traffic and currents on that side). So we stayed in shallow water and let the kids splash.
Here are a couple of pics...

Getting ready to hit the water

Here is my own little mermaid Aimee playing in the water

Brendon is not sure of the water

I left soon after this to attend the Toby Keith Concert in Raleigh. So I was covering some territory that day! (this was an awesome concert!!! Trace Adkins was there too..Met up with Lou Ann and some of her freinds at the concert... we had a blast)

On Sunday we had a cook out, played in the water and then went shrimping with Captain Jack. It was a very busy day.

Water play was a big hit for the kids!

Then it was off to conquer the sea with Captain Jack...

Here is a pic of our loot...

We estimated about 25lbs of shrimp.

The proud shrimpers!

Then it was the task to prep them and get them in the freezer....I was so glad to have this crew help with that!

Monday was their last day. So we tried for a game of golf (not me I was just driving a cart..the arm is no where ready for that). We were rained out before we even finished the second it was off to lunch and then relaxing at my house before we met up with friends for dinner. Joyce and Larae left after dinner for Raleigh to catch their planes the next morning.
This was sad I was so not ready for them to leave!! It just was not long enough.
But now I am looking forward to the next visit and maybe I can get to Denver soon!
I hope you enjoyed the short recant of my weekend!


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  2. Looks like great fun! Found you through MckLinky, your profile picture caught me eye, my hubby is also a GySgt :)