Friday, July 31, 2009


Ok what I discovered about me yesterday!
I am afraid to fail and let people down.
So if I do nothing then I can't disappoint them..I remain my self and no one is the wiser...But I'm not happy...I'm not sure of all the things I want out of life so now I need to figure that out and take a direction...A step a day to get my businesses off the ground..not get over whelmed with information, technology and the ins and outs do that later once things are moving..take small steps to achieve the goal of financial freedom..not millionaire even though that would be nice..I just want to pay my bills and have enough money to do family trips with out worrying..not asking for much..
So what is my first step...
write some goals..Short, long, intermediate, and flexible term goals
and get organized...
Each day I am going to achieve one step towards my goals
I am going to take one action a day..even if it is turning off the computer and spending time with my family...That is one step closer to my goals...
So now to write my goals and work on achieving them..
I will post a few of my goals here as I form them..
I am not the only one taking this the ideas formed in my head and I got sidetracked again...surfing the net
I found Room 704 and Mrs. Flinger is doing one thing a day for thirty days starting August 1st..
That is SO COOL to think I was having similar thoughts as she was!!!
I know lame ..I'm new to blogging and I have started idolizing some of these mom bloggers..
But you do need to really check out her blog..
Ok I could not get to her blog to give a link and love something weird is happening says wrong Data base..but anyway check her out at Room 704

So now for my goals
Today it is to create a couple of things to sell and then maybe the pool this afternoon

Ok I did not say it would be earth shattering or mind boggling goals.
One step a day!
hope your is a great one hugs,

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