Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sourdough Bread Starter Experiment

My new obsession is bread baking. It started from trying to save money and eating healthier. (I'll post on those two subjects at another date)
My wonderful hubby is so supportive of all my new little adventures (Thank Goodness).

So in this quest to bake fresh bread I stumbled acro
ss A Year in Bread. Susan has a wonderful Farmhouse white sandwich bread recipe...(check out the site there are many wonderful recipes over there.) I am still making guinea pigs out of my family trying to perfect it and make it look like hers. Good thing they are ok with the Squat looking loaves...I need to invest in different pans...I fixed the stone issue.... of course it was to the dismay of my hubby. I took some tiles from the garden cleaned them up and placed them on the bottom rack and that helped the bread rise nicely....He needs to stop watching Alton Brown..that is where the idea came from plus we had them laying around doing nothing but getting walked on so I put them to work! Hey nothing is safe around here these days!

So one day my hubby (who does not realize that he really encourages some of my behavior from his comments and suggestions) said "Hey when you get this down maybe look at doing a Sourdough bread."

Well I never get one thing finished or right when I start another. You should see my craft room. Lots of started projects! Some finished and some in the beginning stages!

Anyway this started the search. So I read a few sites and a few places about sourdough starters.
I do not remember all the sites I went to I felt like the people on the commercials with Web information over load!! So I took some of the information and formed my own recipe for a sourdough starter. Now no one shoot me I am not a trained chef or anything like that..But I do like to experiment so we will see where this goes. When I bake the bread I will post how things turned out with my starter.

So on Sunday I started with:
1/2 cup organic all purpose flour, 1/2 cup organic rye flour, and 1 cup of bottled water.

I stirred this up and have been trying to feed it every 12 hours.
Monday I removed half the starter and replaced it with 1 cup water and 1/2 cup organic all purpose flour and 1/2 cup rye flour.
Tuesday I did not feed.
Forgot! Whoops! I guess I do need to name it and turn it into a pet that way it does not get neglected and die from no love!

Here are some pics of what I had this morning so fa
r before stirring and feeding.

Looks like I have what they call Hooch. It has a very sour smell going on.

Here is an aerial view of the bubbles.

So today when I feed I will remove 1/2 of the starter and replace it with
1 cup water (I am using bottled because we have chlorine in our water)
1 cup organic all-purpose flour.

I have not fed yet because my 8 year old daughter has named my new pet and wants to help.
So my starter's name is Daisy Bread.
I like this name. And it is typical of an 8 year old to come up with! LOL

Well off to feed Daisy Bread and see how she progresses through our experiment!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

PS Additional Information
After reading through my post I thought I would add the reasons for the organic flour and rye flour for those that do not know(like me). These two are more natural and not over processed so there are natural yeast and bugs to grow from. After the first sign of bubbles (from what I read and understand) I can then switch to regular all purpose flour because the yeast does not really need the protein to live but the starches in the flour. If I am wrong let me know and I will correct this.
I also use the bottled water because of chlorine in my water. Many suggest distilled water and then test it with your own tap water. I have not done that yet.
Additionally I stir each time with a rubber spatula to not get any contamination. The yeast will break down metals and that can ruin your starter.
Your starter needs to be in a glass container, stainless steel container (they do not react with the yeast) or a plastic/Rubbermaid container.
I will go back through my history and post the websites that I looked at when researching this topic. I will additionally add as I move Daisy Bread (need to start calling her by name) to the fridge and my experiences.
So Stay Tuned for more.

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