Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My goal was to try my hand at blogging. Just to see where it would take me. This is a goal to share my thoughts, ideas, dreams and goals. Maybe, Inspire others. So today I sat down to write in my blog....

Writers block!! Already and I haven’t even started!
Man am I going to be in trouble! Hopefully it will get easier as time goes.

So as with any new adventure I went to the Headlines to find something there to write about.
Well, there I became depressed.
Yahoo news reports “Yemen plane crashes off Comoros with 153 on board”, “4 US soldiers killed during Iraq cities pullout,” “Freight train derails in Italy, kills 12, burns 50,” These were the top three headlines. Then it is peppered with the issues that have arisen from the death of Michael Jackson. So I remembered why I do not look at the news, read the news, or listen to the news. It just triggers my PTSD and depression. So I think I will stay in my little corner of Eastern NC and live in my fairy-tale world and be blissfully ignorant of the issues going on around me.
Sounds good!
I wish it could be so easy.

Many of the issues today influence many of the decisions we make in our lives. Granted plane crashes and train crashes may not stop us from traveling, and our soldiers dying won’t stop our sons/daughters from enlisting. However, maybe these headlines will make us stop and remember how blessed we are and say a prayer for those affected by these tragedies. We have to find our own silver linings and do the best we can with the gifts we are given.

So I am thankful for my life, my family and the gifts I have been given.
So back to my fairy-tale world I go.
I hope everyone has a Blessed Day and remembers all the blessings they have.


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